Chris Collins Art
Smashing stones to spark creation


For so many years, I felt adrift and untethered to the world, thinking that I didn't belong in my life.  I never felt that I could be accepted for myself.

 Me in 2016.  Living in the light.

Me in 2016.  Living in the light.

I fell in love with art before ever knowing the name of any artist.  I was drawn to work from an early age that challenged the limits of my imagination and what is possible for someone to create.  I was inspired to do something new or unique, rather than following the well worn path. I wanted so much to be capable of that great creativity and courage of those I admired but I never felt it was possible for me.  

So I walked another path, thinking that if I could achieve success in ways that I thought others would care about, they would care about me too.  After following that path for many years I looked back at the many goals I had set and completed, and yet, I felt hollow.  I had been so fixated on achievement of what others told me to want, not what I truly desired.  I lost touch with the art that opened the world up to me and with the people who helped me feel connected to life.  I sank into a deep depression that bred frustration, isolation, and a profound sense of hopelessness.  

It was at this time that I was drawn to nature, and began to live my life walking amongst the labyrinth of trees, crossing from shadow to standing in the sun.  I began to think that what was lost within had simply been ignored.  In those moments out in nature, I stopped ignoring that voice from within.  I began to feel myself breaking free from the pain and hopelessness that surrounded me for so long.

I began to capture these places and moments through photography.  It was nature which brought me back to life but it was photography which gave me a purpose and mission.  I use my photographs as the foundation for my art. Through my art I want to share powerful images, expand the depths of my creativity and find my tribe with the goal of sharing a life lived with authenticity so that others never have to feel as I once did, but instead are inspired to achieve their own purpose and walk in the sunlight.